Global Necessities

We need the most compelling, noble, yet realistic directives for crafting green law and governance policy to empower and sustain a popular movement that grows quickly enough to win our race against time.

The anarcho-facist corporatists are waging war against nature, spirit, and life. Is it real? Yes, it is. Is it sane? No, it is mass-insanity and mass-conspiracy, like the culture of human slavery, but the ecocidal corporatist culture is committed to enslaving and sickening all of us and our planetary life-support system, the biosphere.

Establishing a new paradigm and green laws for a sustainable green culture requires massive popular support and sustained political action against seemingly overwhelming odds. The following sustainability policy imperatives are not replacements for the principles embedded in the Earth Charter, but proactive updates mandating effective action to reinstate our most ancient natural values.

Global Sustainability Policy Requisites:

1. Respect nature and revere life in all its diversity.

2. See the Earth and all living beings as relatives worthy of loving respect.

3. Care for the community of life with understanding, compassion, and love.

4. Restore and protect the integrity of Earth's living web of relationships and environments.

5. Prevent imbalance, harm and pollution as the best method of environmental protection.

6. Nurture and protect the Earth's bounty and beauty for present and future generations.

7. Hate and war are harmful: sustain a peaceful, healthy, rational, just and egalitarian culture.

8. Advance the study of ecological sustainability, promote and support the open exchange and wide application of green knowledge and wisdom.

9. Sustain sane patterns of production, consumption, recreation and sexual procreation to safeguard Earth's regenerative capacities and individual rights and communal well-being.

10. Denounce and eliminate tyranny, greed and poverty by sustaining consistent political and fiscal support for this vital cultural, ethical, and ecological necessity.

11. To foster and enhance healthy human development and biospheric responsibility, support cultural activities, institutions, and organizations that express healthy values and green ethics.

12. Require positive responsiveness and enforce compliance with laws governing sustainable development, universal access to excellent educational experience, sustainable health care, gender equality, opportunities for appropriate work, and life enhancing cultural interaction.

13. Expand, foster and support mentor-apprenticeship programs, integrate formal education and cultural learning with the ecological wisdom, knowledge, values, and skills needed for a responsibly sustainable way of life.

14. Enact and enforce laws ensuring an unpolluted natural environment and a culture supportive of human dignity, bodily health, and spiritual well-being; with extra safeguards for the special needs, ways, means, and potentials of indigenous peoples, minorities, elders and children.

15. To remain healthy, cultural institutions at all levels must remain strong. Denounce, stigmatize, boycott, prosecute, legally and financially penalize, transform or terminate corrupt, destructive institutions and organizations.

16. Promote and cultivate sustainable peace and a culture of respect by honoring and rewarding true generosity, unbiased compassion, tolerance, nonviolence, creative problem solving, and biospheric consciousness.

17. Foster and sustain healthy cultures and green community development by seeking out heroes, productive geniuses, creative innovators, master artisans and truly green experts, honoring and rewarding them for the importance and merits of their work, regardless of academic credentials, official affiliations, or commercial sponsorship, regardless of age, gender, race, or religion.

18. While fostering and supporting green community development associations, cooperative community banks, local currencies and nonprofit credit systems, enhance and ensure cultural and ecological health by penalizing or stigmatizing destructive greed, psychopathic ambition, gross excess, waste and corruption.

The explicit intentions, especially in the 17th and 18th directives, are prerequisites for ensuring and expediting a greener future. Multinational corporations, executive ego demons, and greed crazy politicians have waged psychological, biological, chemical, and economic warfare against us and the Earth, aggressively and habitually. Brilliant creative problem solvers have invented great new technologies, far superior to what is typically recognized, publicized, and adopted, but systemic corruption sponsored by large corporations now forces most of our greatest innovators to suffer, scramble, and waste time trying to find investors. Unless we dethrone, defeat or heal and re-educate the psychopathic enemies of Earth and nature, they will keep disempowering and enslaving us until it is too late to prevent and/or minimize more catastrophic damage.

Some readers, noticing the great similarity of the 18 green policy imperatives and the 16 statements of the Earth Charter, may question the need for an update. For some, this new policy document may seem a product of impatience. If we knew how much time we have for a global solution, that might be a good guess. Unfortunately, the signs of ecological collapse are multiplying far faster than anyone can measure precisely. We may be beyond the tipping point of runaway climate catastrophe already. If that is so, then swift emergency action could minimize the consequences. Radical remedial action might slow down  or prevent our descent into a worst-case disaster scenario. Not knowing where we are on the slippery slope of no return, the wisest strategy is to implement the toughest policy and laws as soon as possible.

Clearly, the plan and the team must both be coherent for a successful, well orchestrated effort. Global implementation requires the strongest, most comprehensive possible approach to broadcasting and teaching the principles of ecological, cultural, and economic responsibility.

Ecocidal business corporations exist only to shelter profit from whatever might reduce it, including penalties and costs of damages, injuries, and atrocities. The Global Policy Necessities are essential for minimum cultural health and sustainably ecological community development. With anything less, we will get more of the abuse and ecocidal atrocities we suffer already.

In Nigerian territory alone, Exxon Valdez scale oil leaks are a daily average. Corporate rule accelerates ever more giant dead zones in the oceans, more rapid acidification of the water, accelerating die off of coral reefs and plankton (that provide most of our oxygen), more plastic, toxins and hormonal disruptors in fish and everything else we eat or drink, more extreme weather, and so on. Potent green policy must initiate emergency reform of every government on the planet. To expect or promote anything less would be an irresponsible breach of personal integrity, causing incalculable harm and irrevocable suffering in your lifetime and others.

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