Green Action Planning

We create the future now, with each choice, each action of mind or voice or body, in each moment. Ancient sayings from most of the great spiritual traditions remind us that there is no Hell but what we create. Deep down, inside, we all really want the creative freedom and happiness of success, not ultimate failure and more Hell on Earth. Is that true or not?

We do create the future in the only time we have, now, and experience tends to lead us toward greater success, freedom, happiness, capability and cultural harmony.  Sometimes we take long detours via devastating cycles of stubborn regression and madness. We can no longer afford such insanity.

The people of Iceland, all 320,000 of them, just rewrote their national constitution. East Indian villagers in rural areas of India wreck and burn biogen facilities and new fields of GMO crops before they can contaminate natural crops or further enslave and impoverish the poor. People of European nations swarm the streets in protest against massive injustices. Middle-Easterners rioted and threatened or started civil wars to end deadly tyranny. Now is the time for Americans to unite to end rule by corruption, financial tyranny, and ecocidal insanity.

Different situations and challenges faced by nations, states, communities and organizations call for different action plans, but the basics, the truths, principles, values, aims, strategies and tactics required for cultural liberation, healing and recovery are universal. We need adequate understanding and coherent planning for effective action. For the sake of clarity and prompt response, any group or jurisdiction can use the examples, principles and stratagems given below (and above) to create a standard model, your own green planning template.

The Earth Charter, the Seven Essentials, the Gandhi Mandates, green policy directives, the green planning standards and green ethics embodied in this document provide the basics and specifics for successfully greening our paradigm, restoring ecological sanity, upgrading our laws, and overcoming our challenges. For instance, like the two supreme commandments of Christ (to love God absolutely and love others as ourselves), the first two of the Seven Essentials, if embraced with abiding devotion and constant commitment, generate and ensure all the rest.

So, we really need to make our two most important choices wisely, for the sake of ourselves, our children, elders, neighbors and friends. Then, with a majority of other voters taking action to ensure legislative and legal sanity for the sake of themselves and their family members, the turning tide will become a green tsunami that sweeps away political resistance, along with ecocidal corporate perversion.

Here is a simple action planning check list:
1. Start using the nonprofit GCCS, green community credit system
2. Change the game, green the government, society, and culture
3. Craft, enact, and enforce laws that protect all generations
4. Strip corporations of superior rights and perverse privileges
5. Eliminate excess cost and price tags on basic necessities
6. Make ecocide = genocide, enact strict laws and punishments
7. Make official corruption a felony identical to treason
8. Let ecocidal traitors choose execution or full restitution & rehab

Consider this Green mini-synopsis, for a few moments, envision the near future...

Your home owners association or community co-op signs a contract with a green energy consortium. The consortium partners upgrade the energy efficiency of homes and other buildings, then provide, install and maintain enough of the best quality solar PV panels to generate surplus electricity to sell to the grid. They act as the co-op's ESCO (energy service company), until their investment pays off—with great cash flow and good profit——within 2 to 5 years. In that time, you and your neighbors enjoy a 10% discount on your energy bills. Then your co-op becomes your local ESCO, realizing a high profit, providing good cash flow from then on. Instead of paying bills, you then receive dividends and, best of all, you stay free of constant stress, fear, worry and costs of slavery to a large, distant power company. But, the profit could be dedicated to your local schools, their music, art, fitness & athletic programs, and so on. Great teachers and their housing could be funded partly or wholly with those profits and community Trust Units. Your green energy co-op is the perfect sponsor of your own green community credit union. Congratulations, you just jump started the economy, upgraded the quality of your neighborhood, the property values, salability, rentability, rental rates, and, potentially, every other element of your local culture.

Now, write the Seven Essentials of Cultural Success into your new Constitution. Use the Global Policy Necessities and Gandhi Mandates as reference for crafting your plans, initiatives, policy drafts, and laws. Then, with appropriate action, we will rapidly generate the greenest of all possible futures. When a majority of us are awake to our true potential and the unity of life--the oneness of the universe, nature, divinity and humanity--then our green future will be truly sustainable. So, pump up your passion and commitment, and go motivate your neighbors.

First things first... It is usually hard to love heartless exploiters, ignorant thugs, murderous tyrants, ecocidal maniacs and cowardly fools, but we must do so and generate an all inclusive solution as soon as possible. Violence and revolutionary wars will not solve our worst problem. We must try to communicate and educate before eliminating the ecocidal opposition.

We humans are communal creatures of context as well as habit. We can either exorcise and upgrade our paradigm, while greening society's standard of value and status, or the devil in the details will keep dividing, conquering, and destroying us, keeping us shackled and enslaved by our own negative attitudes, thoughts, habits, customs, policies, and laws.

Our spirits, moods, attitudes, aspirations, intentions, beliefs, and assumptions inform and limit our paradigm as much as our limited knowledge and illogic impact our psychological states. It is an old truth that reason is dependent on and limited by a society's dominant framework of conceptual reference, the majority's slice of the paradigm. The inner worldview most of us try to impose on the external environment is far from greenly reasonable. As long as a majority of us believe or act as if we are separate from or superior to other living beings and nature, our environment, then we will suffer more cowardly political parasites and deficient policies while failing to eliminate or revise ecocidal law and governance.

We must bravely make it clear to all that a hit or miss, piecemeal approach, trying to solve one problem at a time will never work. The problem involves the whole of human culture. The only way we will succeed is with surgical precision in a well orchestrated campaign to cure the whole body of culture, starting with the core of its brain, the tendencies, concepts, principles, ethics, beliefs and attitudes that inform and drive its collective choices and activities.  We need plans that are as well conceived as the choreography of a magnificent ballet and its majestic symphony.

We can take heart and inspiration from the examples of India, Kuwait, Tunisia, Egypt and, to a lesser extent, Libya and Syria. The only thing that ever creates positive change in human society is the passionate determination and commitment of initially small groups of intelligent, well informed, compassionate individuals. Compared to the people of Serbia, Kuwait, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, Western planners, policy makers, and green leaders have nothing to fear. With our wealth of resources we have no excuse for failing to initiate more effective action to protect our families, communities, states, our nation and this shared environment for all living beings, all generations.

It is hard to exaggerate our need and urgency, and hard to make our limited time opportunity more compelling, but we can once again consider the inspiring wisdom born of Dr. Daisaku Ikeda's amazing progression of victories over many long, hard difficulties:

"I would like each of you to rise to the challenge of revolutionizing the area where you live into an ideal community...with the determination to start from where you are right now. This means building a good...organization in your local area...building it yourself with loving, painstaking care...[like] an artist pours his or her heart and soul into creating a [great] work of art. It also means fostering capable people..." - D Ikeda, from For Today & Tomorrow

If we apply Dr. Ikeda's call to sacred duty to our role as stewards of this amazing, precious and fragile environment, then we will succeed. Ikeda's call to inspired action is exactly what we need and, in the USA, what we still lack. To accomplish real economic recovery and ecological sustainability, all of us who care, must choose success and act with great devotion, enthusiasm, and persistence. We must reclaim and restore the natural primacy, supremacy, and sovereignty of humanity and nature over egoic delusion, obsession, technology, money, waste and self-defeating distractions.

Our natural environment is the true origin and only source of us and our wealth. The success of the big banks, the Fed, its money system, the stock market, and international trade make ecocide, endless war, and ever worse ruin of America seem necessary, unavoidable, justifiable for the sake of jobs. That is insane, untrue, unnecessary, and the opposite of what will foster a lively economy.

While rating, evaluating, educating and recruiting existing organizations, at the same time, start planning and establishing green development associations and whatever else best fulfills local needs and potentials. Do that and you can quickly cure the root of the problem perpetuated by corrupt economics, anti-green money and banking. We can count on young people, parents, teachers, and struggling workers to care, learn, and help.

One way or another, the political power and corrupting influence of ecocidal companies can be overcome, neutralized, denounced and penalized. Use the Green Rating Standard, green directives and policy planning guidelines to expose and dethrone for-profit money, predatory banking, bad rules and laws, lies, liars and corrupters. Make children, other people, and the quality of life on Earth more important than money, score, things, bad ideas and insane obsessions.

Take your local culture to the next level, the vibrant green commonwealth of the future. Get your local community service organizations linked in a green community development alliance. Start with groups like the PTA, the school boards, unions, firemen, police, churches and charities. Start forming neighborhood and community scale cooperatives and associations, housing & energy co-ops, economic development associations, land trusts; green REITs, co-op banks, co-op community farms; co-op industries, credit unions, local currencies and a nonprofit community credit system. Quit degrading and converting your local wealth into the Fed's debt dollars and exporting it to Wall Street and China.

Here in the USA, several impacted obstructions need systemic solution. Many local attitudes, laws, zoning and building codes reward economic suppression, recession and depression. The NIMBY ("not in my backyard") mind-set is a huge cork in the global bottle of pent up green energy waiting for liberation and restoration of economic opportunity. With the right design, beauty, quality, and livability, almost anykind of innovative solution can be workable and valuable for all concerned. Evaluate and eliminate or minimize anything and everything blocking or limiting healthy green development and community renewal (economic vitality).

We need an all out approach, simultaneously crafting multiple initiatives, creative green planning and design, and mounting multiple campaigns to undo anti-green, antisocial policy, laws, regulations, and conspiracies. As the youth of the Middle East proved over the last few months, valid principles, effective strategy, good planning and potent tactics can bring obsolete, overly complicated, tyrannical regimes to their knees. In most nations and states, violence will be either nonexistent or very minimal.

In the USA, we need to empower and support our young people, helping them organize and focus their urgency to create positive, systemic change. Think of this as a cultural turbo-colonic for psychic constipation, related complications, bad attitudes, and social disease.

Seriously, the hybrid economy proposed here is the way out of a worst case scenario at every level of society. Once the economy has a stable, nonprofit side, fostering and sustaining a well balanced, affluent culture, we can count on once again leading the way to healthy freedom for all. Until then, we must work to defeat the commercially sponsored corruption, destruction, suppression and slavery the super-rich elite need to maintain their perverse sense of power, control, and illusory security. They feel trapped in their own End Game Scenario. Remember, the game by any other rules is a different game. To change the way we play it, just change the rules.

Unofficial options can clearly be more powerful than governmental alternatives that take too much time and money to enact. When a noble minority effectively cooperate in refusing to go along with enslavement, impoverishment, and destruction of the majority--no matter what--overwhelming popular support grows like a runaway chain reaction, fundamentally disempowering evil tyrants.

In Russia and the Middle East, the support of the military was essential. The USA will be no different in that regard. Most members of the armed forces, the working class, the middle class, and small business owners will support their own liberation from the yoke of bondage to disgustingly corrupt exploiters and wanna-be tyrants. If push comes to shove and the inner demons of corporate tyranny provoke violent confrontation against a massively popular transformation, we can count on our military, eventually if not immediately. As sick and tired as we are of being cheated and ruined by our corrupt government, most US soldiers are even more sick of fighting and being disabled and dying for oil, welfare for corporations, and ecocidal financial tyranny.

With the Green Rating Standard in hand, progress will be almost automatic. As bad as it looks and as late as it may be, the situation is not beyond hope. We are very resourceful, resilient, adaptive creatures, we all want to be happy, healthy and free; and we have a huge charge of motivation dammed up, waiting for the right direction. We have turned huge failures into classic 'turn around' success stories many times before. We have many positive and potentially powerful options. Snowballing popular support will inspire a majority of youth, elders, and workers, enabling a dramatic rehab of our intoxicated, addicted society. For the best possible outcome, we first change the way the game is played, starting with us, individually.

We each need to decommodify, demonetize and liberate our lives, our intelligence, our time and our cultural basics, our necessities and vital resources, like air, water, food, health, decent clothing, shelter, energy and, last but far from least, truly effective education. Upgrading schools, curriculums, textbooks, and economics for total success, factoring in all the realities of human life, culture, ecology, and psychology is essential. Instead of prostituting them to the lowest or highest bidders, for financial profit and power gaming, we must rehab our definitions of money and wealth. We must formally denounce and rehab the perversion of credit, money, banking, and government. To end rule by careless greed, evil egoism, and mass deception, we must enforce sustainable compliance.

For a successful civilization and a high quality of life, the above are not options. This is a large challenge, with large rewards for succeeding and huge penalties for failing. We can succeed, but the Free Market is a chronic cultural disease, a finite, for-profit game, with finite rules, boundaries, scoring, winners and losers, a beginning and an end. Negative players of the for-profit game play mainly for quantity, despite excessive costs and loss of quality. That will never be a recipe for anything but cultural catastrophe and ecological disaster, but the ecocidal sociopaths will not give up easily. They have a an all consuming habit of playing for the sake of points (dollars, etc.), winning ego takes all, creating ever more losers, plunging the world into ever greater debt, bust after every boom, disaster after disaster. So, remember, they are neurologically unable to care. They really have no empathy or compassion, even for their own families.

Instead of a "winner takes all" world game, we can now play an infinite, nonprofit, win-win game. We can play for the joy of thriving, well-being, lively loving, and happy, healthy children in a mostly sane, peaceful world.

Whatever else you do or think, realize that success depends on you, your decisions, and green actions. For more information on practical options, resources and sources, see the links and references in the following comments (forthcoming). Thank you, in advance, for your care, respect, and appreciation for this miraculous planet and all its children. May this work serve you well in accomplishing your heroic mission to foster justice, freedom, fulfillment, true happiness, health and green sanity for all beings.


For help or advice, contact me via this blog, or my Facebook pages (for Michael Lucas Monterey or Monterey Associates) or via email. Also, please, encourage your friends, associates, and local officials to subscribe to the Greenbook blogsite. Thanks, MM

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