Greening Government

"Nothing creates more misery than incompetent government... Day by day, the lives of the people took on the color of despair.
... "The economic crisis rocked the foundation of people's lives, just like a massive earthquake..."

Daisaku Ikeda's description is about Japan's disastrous situation at the end of WWII, but it now applies to too many of us around the world. For the ecocidal ruling elite, the "Free Market" means depressing and enslaving 99% of us so they can be big winners and party in excessive luxury while destroying the world.

Effectively serving and protecting us and our best interests is the only justification for government. When government lets the sick egos of 1% of us impoverish, enslave, retard and abuse 99% of us, that is psychopathic tyranny, not good governance. The recent history of Kuwait, Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya prove that we can successfully act, as healthy, self-determining beings with a sustainable future, to ensure the effectiveness of government, to serve and protect our whole way of life, as long as that is something more than TV addiction and chasing debt dollars, drugs, and pleasure no matter what.

We can use the Green Planning Standard to evaluate politicians, current and proposed laws, regulations, systems, projects, programs, strategy, and methods. That and the Global Policy Directives and Gandhi Mandates will enable positive change, as rapidly as possible. Then the Seven Essentials of successful culture will be our core values and prime motives, especially in politics and economic activities.

Since we, and all future generations depend on a healthy environment for a healthy quality of life, sane social policy is impossible without sane environmental policy. Sane environmental policy depends on humane, compassionate, ethical economic policy. Politicians, lobbyists, and corporate officers who ignore or deny or lack real interest in these issues may be clever, but are not wise or sane, nor competent or trustworthy. Denial of basic truth is a symptom of delusion, mental illness that causes illness, indiscriminate destruction, and further perversion of human culture. If we fail to sustain personal sanity and governance based on sane policy, based on the Seven Essentials of Cultural Success, the Global Policy Necessities, and the Gandhi Mandates, we will fail to choose a sane, healthy, successful future. If most of us fail to sustain success, this fragile civilization will fall, and we would all suffer the consequences of ultimate failure.

We can all admit that political pretenses and superficial changes will produce no systemic change that sustains healthy culture in a beautiful future for a majority of human beings. Free Market and fair trade are not identical concepts. Schumacher, Galbraith, Keynes and Adam Smith all agree on that. Against overwhelming odds and heartless opposition, Galbraith's pragmatic view led him to concentrate on implementing and developing Keynes' strategy for rescuing the culture. Schumacher focused more on explaining the ecological impacts of negative social games, while fostering and sustaining a more holistic approach to creating a healthy culture. That was mostly ignored or forgotten in the elitists' rush for ever bigger scores, destructive privilege, perverse power, and more stuff.

Abuse and corruption are not service. What terrorist attack is worse than deliberate ecocide? But why do right wing elitists want the admiration of uneducated fools and ill informed neurotics? Remember, they are victims of child abuse and deliberate brain damage, suffering undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder. Rule by ignorance, greed, hostility and corruption is beyond unhealthy. Socially impaired politicians and executives need compassion and therapy as much as any brain damaged child.

The principles and stratagems expressed and prescribed in the previous sections, support remedial emergency executive orders, they enable compelling campaign strategies, ballot initiatives, new legislation, policy directives and real mandates for our legal and political representatives, making them accountable for their decisions and actions. Most politicians are lawyers. Neither lawyers nor judges have any excuse for ignoring, subverting, perverting, abusing or breaking the law. Judges, law enforcement officers, and other government officials have a legal responsibility to enact and enforce effective laws and regulations.

Overwhelming amounts of scientific research data are unnecessary for protecting humanity from ecocidal officials, corporations, processes, and products. In law and governance policy, there are two principles that apply to all cases where common sense and compassionate wisdom should rule, the "prudent man" or reasonable person rule and the bright line test.

In the first case, law makers, administrators, and judges should err on the side of caution if any reasonable person would realize that an act or product clearly involves substantial danger of harm. For example, if we know that a process or product has caused great, ongoing harm and damage that is hard to measure, then there is no good reason to permit it or to demand exact quantitative analysis of the damages and costs before imposing a ban. In the bright line test, unless there is visible evidence pointing to the existence of a fleeing suspect beyond one or more doors, there is no justification for an unwarranted entry or search. In the case of ecocidal mania and corporate corruption, many bright lines indicate the presence of dangerous suspects, perpetrators, and traitors behind the closed doors of many, very expensive offices and conference rooms.

In the USA, we have all the power and reason we need to force the changes needed by our children and other living beings. All we lack now is the intent, will, motivation, commitment, and action we need to the cause the desired results.

Those of us who truly care must not give up. We need to foster more awareness, understanding, integrity, more compassionate wisdom, more participation, accountability, action and progress.

Since it may be best to let the ecocidal maniacs keep playing their for-profit game for a few generations, we can even use the Supreme Court's bogus decision to hold corporations more responsible, accountable and indebted to society for their extra privileges and superhuman political power. For example, states could require corporations to assign 50% of each stock offering to their citizens, or counties and cities could levy realistic corporate taxes, fees, duties and fines, but give corporations the right to use double the amounts of stock as an alternative.

In a green, responsible partnership model, governments can hold corporate officers and directors legally liable for gross mismanagement, malfeasance, and corrupt practices. Breach of the partnership 'contract' by corrupt corporate directors and staff would then be felonies, including treason. Still, at some point it will be best to divest corporations of their unconstitutional, illegal rights, illusory powers and political privileges. Letting corrupting illusions and lies continue will always tend to foster more mass confusion, corruption, damage, and negative exploitation. To sustain a government that fosters best case scenarios for all of us, we need to find and cut out the rot.

As usual, the anti-green, anti-life opposition will increase its attempts to scare us or seduce us into more despair, apathy or complacency, and away from accomplishing our mission. To win a healthier future and a saner, less corrupt government, we must strike on many fronts, but making official corruption equal to treason is a prime essential.

Since the US Supreme Court has lost touch with the basis of US law and the reality of planetary karma while pandering to corporate demons, we may need to establish two (2) new branches of government, either officially or functionally, state by state, county by county and/or at the level of community. The constitution of the so-called Iriquois tribes of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, with five branches of governance, sustained the commonwealth and peace in harmony with nature for several centuries. We can use typical corporate and nonprofit structures for our modern situation. That means establishing a national board of directors, with a leadership committee instead of a chairman. A board of advisors with supervisory responsibility or a supervisory council of elders or stewards can function as guardians of the public good. If such a robust system is made official then, when the Supreme Court refuses to hear important cases or makes perverse decisions, the new branches of government can also serve as courts of last resort.

Yes, we can, as a nation and as a species, defeat the enemies of nature, spirit, and freedom, but not by sitting back, watching TV and expecting politicians or a super-hero to do our job for us. If we want the best possible government of, by and for us, the people, then we must reform it for ourselves, for our children and for theirs. One step at a time, with passion, we need to ensure that our Green Policy Directives are widely distributed, understood, implemented, enacted in law and enforced with effective penalties and incentives. However long it takes, since the causes and actions are truly noble and excellent, the results will be equally good. Our worst fear should be getting tricked into selling or renting ourselves and our children back into delusional slavery.

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